It had already been a week. And it was only Wednesday morning. The stress from the previous two days — no, the previous month — was at an all time high. I wanted to remain hidden under the covers of my bed and block out the world. I didn’t have the strength to face another day of demands, commitments, and insurmountable piles of work. As I reluctantly peeled myself from bed and shuffled to the coffee pot, I opened my iHeart Radio app. In the thick of the Christmas season, I naturally went right to my Classical Christmas station. But as I wandered back to my bedroom to get ready for the day, coffee in hand, something stirred in me. I didn’t need one more rendition of The Nutcracker Suite or a beautiful instrumental piece ringing out Carol of the Bells. What I needed was worship music. So I switched to my Kari Jobe station. My eyes were barely open and the harshness of the bathroom vanity lights forced them shut again. I splashed water on my face and sipped the steaming liquid out of my coffee cup. I began applying the concealer and mascara half listening to the music. That’s when a sweet, simple, and very familiar tune started playing from my iPhone. Having grown up in church, I knew the song well. In fact, it was probably one of the very first songs I learned as a child and one that I used to calm my niece and nephew when they were babies. “Jesus Loves Me” played softly and the lyrics proved to be the salve that my heart needed that morning.


Jesus loves me, this I know
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong
They are weak, but He is strong


Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
Yes, Jesus loves me
The Bible tells me so

I, like many people I imagine, often feel overwhelmed by life’s pressures and constant demands. Whether work, family, or self imposed, they mount up and begin to steal the smile from my face and rob the joy in my heart. I feel rundown and tired. When I glance in the mirror, I notice that the bags under my eyes seem more pronounced and the lines from a furrowed brow have started to settle in. And it quite frankly feels lousy. Not to mention the fact that a haggard look is not what this 36-year-old is going for. But it is usually when I am at my lowest, that my Heavenly Father gently reminds me that I need not go it alone. In fact, like the song reminded me that morning, when I am at my end is exactly when my Jesus proves strongest. I may be weak, stressed, and fighting puffy eyes, but He is strong. He is peace. He is life.


Yes, Jesus loves me. It’s not a question. It’s a declaration of truth. It’s a mantra worth repeating. It’s a very real reminder that I belong to Him. He wants to put the smile back on my face and return the joy to my heart despite the storms of stress that blow in. He wants me to know — and to truly believe — that there is no demand, or commitment, or pile of work so great that He cannot overcome it. And as I declare this truth a wonderful thing starts to unfold. He begins to work in my heart. He starts clearing out the lies and harmful attitudes that the Enemy has slowly and subtly tucked in the vulnerable spaces and replaces them with hope and joy and love. He reminds me in the secret places of my heart that His power is strong and living in me. He gently leads me to the wonderful understanding that He is, and always will be, my Jesus who loves me with a love that is inseparable.

Jesus loves me.
This I know. This I believe.